Click Here 2003: Building Bridges
A more serious journey: we join a group of American theologians and ministers to encounter Islam in Jordan, Syria, and Egypt, where we meet with prominent figures in religion, government, and academia.
Click Here "What's the Big Deal, Anyway?"
The FAQ, including some good eclipse links.

Who are we and what else do we do?

  • How we became eclipse junkies: Barbara went to India in the mid-seventies, which led to our fascination with football, which in turn led to our addiction to solar eclipses. The connection isn't obvious? Then let me explain.
  • Barbara is a writing coach, check out her website at
  • Bill is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the vast Eclipsoid Industries cartel. His past work history is here.
  • Bill is a drummer, and played professionally through the '70s. He currently plays with Professional Help and The Quarry Persons.
  • Barbara's father, the legendary pioneer television producer Fenton McHugh, is auther of the memoir First Cast.
  • Barbara and Bill meditate like their hair is on fire. Every Sunday they sit with the Marin Sangha.
Click Here 1994: Lost on the Altiplano
We went to the Bolivian Altiplano, one of the loneliest places in the world, to see an eclipse. Our group got lost, and then...
Click Here Swimming Across
the Great Thar Desert

Rajasthan, India, where we saw the total eclipse of 1995.

Where have we been lately?

(Domestic travel omitted, even though Northern Wisconsin is, really, more exotic than Sikkim)
  • 1990: Thailand
  • 1991: Baja Sur; our first eclipse
  • 1992: Bali
  • 1994: Bolivia (eclipse) and Peru
  • 1995: Rajasthan (eclipse)
  • 1998: Trinidad (Carnival!) and Aruba (eclipse).
  • 1999: Turkey (eclipse)
  • 2000: Nepal, Sikkim, Assam, and Bhutan
  • 2001: North-central Mexico
  • 2002: South Africa (eclipse, but clouded out!)
  • 2003: Cambodia and Vietnam
  • 2003: Jordan, Syria, and Egypt
  • 2005: South India
  • 2006: Greece and Turkey
  • 2007: New Orleans, as volunteers
  • 2007: Northern Italy
  • 2008: Mongolia (eclipse!)
  • 2009: South China (eclipse, but clouded out!)
  • 2010: Czech Republic and Austria
  • 2011: Switzerland
  • 2012: North Italy
  • 2012: Northern California (annular eclipse!)
  • 2013: Northern France
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