by Fenton McHugh

FIRST CAST is a delightful collection of stories relating the escapades, adventures and downright fun that Fenton experienced with celebrities like Gypsy Rose Lee, Robert Mitchum, Garry Moore, John Bromfield, and others as they went on location to film the very first fishing shows for network television. Order yours today!

Here's one fishing book you'll want to own. Read what Leslie Nielsen has to say about the author and the book!

"I've known Fenton McHugh for over 15 years and have had the pleasure (?) of working with him on several projects. He has a philosophy that I think is reflected in his writing.

I think that Fenton has a talent for writing good narrative prose and this is demonstrated in First Cast. It's very easy and enjoyable reading, full of interesting and entertaining material about people, places AND fish, interspersed with some wry comments and comic bits that seem to come naturally to Fenton.

Anyway, read the book. I think you'll enjoy!"

-- Leslie Nielsen
Leslie Nielsen
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