Rasheed Uraykat, Protocol Officer, Jordanian Foreign Ministry Dr. Mohammed Abu-Hassan, former justice of the Jordanian Supreme Court
Ahmad Hemylayem, Minister of Religious Affairs Dr. Salman Al-Bdour, President, Al Al-Bayt University


Patriarch Ignatius IV (Hazeem), of Antioch, Syrian Orthodox Church Issam Al Jamal, Vice President of the Parliament
Bouthaina Shaaban, Director of Foreign Media, Syrian Foreign Ministry Sheik Ahmad Kuftaro, Grand Mufti of Syria
Damascus University Department of Sharia The Abu Nour Foundation
Dr. Hani Murtada, Minister of Higher Education and Dr. Mohammed Issam al-Awa, President of Damascus University


Young Muslim Association Dr. Ahmad Al Tayeb, Grand Mufti of Egypt
Office of the President, Al Azhar University League of Arab States, Inter-Civilizations Dialogue Group
Cairo University, Dialogue of Civilizations Group Elizabeth Thornhill, Cultural Attache of the American Embassy
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