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Abu Nour Foundation

20-sep-03, morning

We drive to the Grand Mufti's foundation, Abu Nour. After a wait in an anteroom, the women of our group are given gowns with hoods. We then enter a large hall, where about 200 young people are already seated. The women sit in the back. There is a stage in front with a podium. Sam Keen, of our group, is already there fretting about technical problems. He will give a talk here today, but his CD of powerpoint slides is not working, and his talk relies very much on visuals.

After an introduction from Bashar, Sam gives his talk with Bashar translating. Sam discusses his book, "Faces of the Enemy". The book is about propaganda from World War II and the Cold War, and how we seek to dehumanize the enemy. He is clearly discomfited by the poor visuals; the slides were hurriedly scanned from his book and are virtually worthless. Nonetheless, the talk is well received.

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