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Useful Links

Please let me know about any expired links, and do send me any links that may be of interest.
kuftaro.org Sheikh Ahmad Kuftaro's Website. Interesting interfaith stuff, with past speeches in RealTime.
www.islamonline.net/english/index.shtml Islam Online. A portal designed for Muslims, with news, advice, links, and much more. A look at the web-connected Islamic world.
www.arabicnews.com Arabic News Front Page. A look at news headlines that we don't see in the U.S.
www.iccnc.org ICCNC, The Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California, located in Oakland. The Imam, Hamid Mavani, is strikingly articulate and well-informed.
A "database" on the history of the Middle East
Islam's new voices An article from the San Francisco Chronicle about some of the rebellious young Muslims.

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