Barbara and I participate in Marin Sangha, a great community in San Rafael. We are both on the Board of Directors.

We often teach a course for the Sangha, an introduction to meditation and to the Buddha's teachings. The course is named "Back to Basics," and we've taught it more than nine times.

Bill has also given dharma talks when the Sangha was unable to find a real teacher for a given night. His talks can be found at

We also lead a twice-monthly meditation group at our church, First Congregational Church of Berkeley.

We've had many requests for recordings of guided meditations, so here are some, in .mp3 format. They are all 30 minutes long and are all oriented to Samatha practice.

Bill, on 20-oct-2013 Receiving Experience
Bill, a few days after the 2016 election Agitation and Grief
Barbara, on 11-Dec-2016 Mindfulness of the Body
Bill, on 19-Feb-2017 Relaxed Attention
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